Level 100 FAST with EASY EXP Farm in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Level 100 FAST with EASY EXP Farm in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Level up fast with this easy exp farm in pokemon scarlet & violet. There is a spot where you fight chansey and blissey for tons of experience. In this fast level up guide in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet you will learn how to spawn in a bunch of Chansey and fight them to gain exp and level up your pokemon to Level 100 FAST! This is the fastest way to level your pokemon in the early game of pokemon scarlet & violet. This is for new players and beginners to help them level up quick! Share this and tell everyone that this is the best leveling guide for Pokémon scarlet & violet and that PhillyBeatzU found the best spot to level up in pokemon scarlet.

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